Privacy Policy

TEKSAN USA LLC, 901 Mittel Drive,Wood Dale IL 60191,  (hereinafter referred to as "TEKSAN") has adopted the principle of protecting the privacy of visitors to website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website"), all rights of which are owned by TEKSAN. This Privacy Statement describes the types of personal information collected from users who visit the Website and how they are used, protected, and with whom they are shared with by TEKSAN. It also specifies how users can contact TEKSAN with respect to privacy measures taken by TEKSAN regarding the use of the Website.

1. Collection, Usage and Processing of Personal Information
Your personal information may be collected by TEKSAN when you visit, use or browse the website. At the same time, some of your personal information (defined below) will be automatically stored on our servers using technologies such as cookies, network provider records and network pointers when you visit, use or browse the website. If you provide your personal information to TEKSAN at your own discretion, TEKSAN will collect, use and/or store such information in accordance with the limits set forth in the law. If you do not want your personal information to be collected, used or stored by TEKSAN, please do not share your personal information with TEKSAN and notify TEKSAN in writing in accordance with the regulations contained in the Article 3 under the "Communication" section of this Privacy Statement.

Information you provide us
The information provided by you during your visit the website (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") may include, but not limited to, personal information such as your name, surname, title, occupation, etc., contact information, age and date of birth, information about your gender, and contents you upload.
Use of Personal Information
Personal information you provide us can be used by TEKSAN;
Ø  To answer your questions,
Ø  To provide services to you,
Ø  To notify you of special events, competitions, lottery, programs, surveys and other offers,
Ø  To inform you about promotions and campaigns,
Ø  To create and manage your account via the website,
Ø  To make your payments and/or gift transactions,
Ø  To inform you about our social network or mobile applications.
By accepting this Privacy Statement, you will be deemed to give your consent to TEKSAN to use your Personal Information for the purposes set out above. Article 3 entitled "Communication" of the Privacy Statement is reserved.

Automatically Collected Information
Some of your personal information will be automatically stored on our servers using technologies such as cookies, network provider records and network pointers when you visit, use or browse the website. Cookies are small text files that websites send to your computer and other devices connected to the Internet to identify your Internet browser in a distinctive way or to store certain information and settings of your Internet browser. By making the necessary settings in your internet browser you are using, you can delete as well as prevent cookies, or ask your internet provider to inform you during their installation.

Network provider may register information such as the system operation type, area and system settings, the language of the system used and the country and time zone in which the device is located, as well as the website address connecting to the internet site and the IP address used to connect to the Internet through cookies, network providers or network pointers. In addition, information about your internet use might be collected using various web-based technologies. By accepting this Privacy Statement, you will be deemed to give your consent to the collection and/or storage of your Personal Information through automatic means described above.

2. Security
Information collected, used and/or stored about users will not be sold, transferred, or otherwise disclosed to third parties by TEKSAN, except those specified in this Privacy Statement.

Your personal information may be shared;
Ø  With TEKSAN group companies and subsidiaries for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement,
Ø  With service providers providing services in line with the instructions of TEKSAN, in order to perform the service,
Ø  With third parties with the consent of users.
Other than those listed above, information about users, if deemed necessary by the enforcement authorities, may be shared with the public authorities.

However, in the event that TEKSAN transfers all or part of its assets, you will be deemed to give your consent to the transfer of the information you share with us by accepting this Privacy Statement.

3. Communication
Your information collected, used and/or stored by TEKSAN will be automatically deleted when legal requirements are terminated. Users reserve the right to request the deletion of information whenever they wish. You can cancel/withdraw your consent to/for the use or processing of your personal information at any time by sending an e-mail to us [e-mail address is required to be specified] or by using your right to refuse in messages sent to you.

If you do not want your personal information to be collected, used and/or stored at any time, please send an e-mail to "" with the subject "Cancel". Your Personal Information will be deleted from our database within 48 (forty-eight) hours following the receipt of your e-mail by our authorities.

4.  Information about Minors
The website is intended for the users above eighteen (18) years old. If personal information of a user below 18 years of age is accidentally collected, used and/or stored through the website, such information will be deleted immediately from the records upon its discovery. TEKSAN does not knowingly collect, use and/or store the personal information of the users below the age of eighteen (18).

5.  Updates on Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement may occasionally be updated by TEKSAN. When there is a significant change with regards to the Privacy Statement, it will be posted on the Website and information about when the Privacy Statement was last updated will be included. You will be deemed to accept the changes on your next visit to the Website.

6.    Routing (Link) / Other Websites
There may be links (hyper-links) to other websites operated by third parties on the Website. In this case, TEKSAN is solely responsible for the content of the Website and will not, in no way, be responsible/held accountable for the content, security, quality of the third party websites as well as products sold/information provided on the said websites, or delivery or campaign conditions or any other functions of these websites. Third party links on the website are provided solely for the convenience of users, and TEKSAN does not have any responsibility, under any name, for any third party websites. In case of access to any third party website as a result of a routing/redirecting link to or from the website, that third party website accessed, or its operator or content shall not be deemed to have been endorsed or guaranteed by TEKSAN.

7.  Accuracy of the Information in the Website
TEKSAN endeavors to ensure that the information and materials contained on the website are accurate, however, it does not give any guarantee as to the accuracy and the precision of the information and material contained on the website. TEKSAN may make changes in the materials and information contained on the website or in the products displayed on the website without any notice. The information and material contained in the website may not be up-to-date and TEKSAN has no commitment to update the information and materials.

8. Irresponsibility Clause
TEKSAN, any person or company in general under the management or control of TEKSAN (hereinafter referred to as "TEKSAN Group") (whether or not involved in the creation, preparation, maintenance or presentation of the website) and any of their directors, managers, employees, shareholders, representatives or agents (hereinafter refer to as "TEKSAN Representatives") shall not assume any obligation and responsibility (contractual or other) in any way related to the website, or its use, its inability to use, or the consequences of its use, the use of websites directed by this Website, including but not limited to, your access to, use or browse or download any material from this Website, or to any website directed to this Website, or for damage or loss of any kind or nature, including but not limited to damage caused by viruses that may affect your computer used to connect to any website directed to this Website, equipment of your computer, personal data, software, data or other items, or for any loss or damage (including but not limited to losses or damages and tort -including but not limited to defects, arising out of or resulting from, any direct, indirect, punitive, or consequential damage or loss or any loss of income, profits, reputation, data or opportunity or loss of money or any loss or damage suffered or caused by the termination of the enterprise for any reason whatsoever) of any kind or amount that may arise in your possession or in the possession of a third party related to content, visuals or materials.

9.    Applicable Law and Competent Court
This Privacy Statement is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and disputes that may arise out of this Privacy Statement shall be settled by Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices.

10. Other
This Privacy Statement constitutes a whole with the “Legal Terms” section that exist on the Website under a separate heading, and in the cases where there is no provision in one of them on any subject, the provisions in the other shall apply. Violation of this Privacy Statement is also considered a violation of the Legal Terms, and such violation is subject to the more severe penalties or compensation requirements of both. In case of the violation of both, where TEKSAN's interests require separate responsibility of the person or persons responsible for the breach, TEKSAN shall be authorized to take all legal measures and precautions to ensure the elimination of that breach regardless of which of them may result more severe consequences.