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Data Centres, which have to provide high quality, uninterrupted and fast service in order to meet the increasing data need, play an important role today as the heart of communication. It is very important to make the necessary designs and calculations meticulously in order to progress every process from the installation of an efficient system to its operation. Because a small glitch in the data centre can lead to big losses. Fortunately, Teksan does not have to be left behind with reliable, high standard uninterrupted power solutions!

With a strong know-how and experienced engineering staff at the core of the business, Teksan has achieved huge success in the international arena for its work in the system integration of data centre projects where variable customer needs and required features have been specially designed, gaining Teksan the preferred brand position in the market.

Our N, N + 1 and 2N solutions are designed in compliance with the standards of data centres as single and multiple (in parallel) according to your data centre requirements. Structural, acoustic, fluid analysis, simulation and performance tests are carried out by using advanced software and engineering methods in product design and development studies to comply with data centre needs.

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Data Center Solutions